Buddha Seat

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Sink into the flowing curves of the Buddha Patio Chair and reconnect with your inner essence. Experience the comfort of simplicity and the wondrous unknown of your imaginative mind. The Buddha Chair is designed to provide unrivalled comfort, complete unity, and ultimate relaxation.



  • Made with raw volcanic basalt, making it a natural and sustainable choice.
  • Customizable colors to perfectly complement the style of your space.
  • Durable and long-lasting with a lifespan of 20-30 years.
  • The handcrafted design ensures every piece is unique and unrepeatable.
  • Weather-resistant materials can withstand snow, rain, seawater, frost, and UV rays.
  • Low maintenance gives you more time to relax in your chair.
  • Crafted with lightweight materials and easy to move around your space.
  • Includes a 10-year limited warranty.


Please note: the quoted price is for black furniture. To get this piece in other colors, send us a message.



Width: 125 cm

Length: 115 cm

Height: 85 cm

Weight: 19 kg