At ETNA DESIGN we value original craftsmanship, which combines skilled weaving technique with a sustainable and modern production, where social responsibility is valued high. We make an effort with every step, so that our furniture during the production, transportation and in your home affects the environment as little as possible

ETNA DESIGN furniture is not only environmentally friendly, comfortable and durable but it is also made from one of nature’s most extraordinary materials that comes from the bottom of the Earth - lava.

Basalt fibre is a special material, which is acquired by melting basalt stone at approximately 1500 C. This material has many advantages in comparison to other materials used in furniture production - resistant to salt, salty sea water and chlorine, elastic and strong, resistant against very high temperature fluctuations, good thermal insulation, resistant against UV radiation, does not conduct electricity (dielectric) and its easy to maintain. This material is used also in sports equipment, car bodies, lamp posts, windmill blades, heat protection and other.


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